Formerly known for its linear, story-driven VR adventure series The GalleryPistol Whip is a surprising shift for Cloudhead Games into VR’s rhythm and shooting genres. Surprising as it may be, the studio makes a strong case for fusing the two, with a ‘rhythm shooter’ that engages your body in a very unique and compelling way.

Pistol Whip Details:

Official Site

Developer: Cloudhead Games
Available On: Oculus (Rift, Quest), Steam (Index, Vive, Rift, WMR), Viveport (Vive, Index, Rift, WMR)
Reviewed On: Index, Quest
Release Date: November 7th, 2019
Price: $25


Pistol Whip is a creative and generally successful fusion of rhythm and shooting. The game has you constantly moving forward through a ‘level’ (set to a specific song) where…

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