February 13, 2020

cannabis strains that taste like strawberry, strawberry strains

(Juan Moyano/Stocksy/AdobeStock)

Open a jar of fresh cannabis and your nose will get hit with an array of aromas. Of those, a prevalent strawberry note may stand out from the rest. Strawberry-flavored cannabis strains are delightful for multiple reasons: they smell and taste like a Farmer’s Market, and they usually provide uplifting, mood-enhancing effects.

If that sounds desirable, here are five strawberry strains to seek out immediately.

Strawberry Cough


Strawberry Cough is one of the most popular strawberry cannabis strains out there. If you’ve never peeped it, it’s time to get familiar. Genetics of this popular strain remain a mystery, but the feelings have quite a reputation.

Love a mouthwatering strain that will hit you…

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